Surgical Tables

GOLDBERG 6S Electro-Hydraulic Operating Tables

High-quality materials determine our penchant for high quality at an affordable price. The versatility and functionality of the operating table equipment ensure optimal everyday operating life. The functionality of the attachments and bases combined with a wide range of additional accessories facilitate general and special surgical procedures. In terms of adjustment options, the table components meet the requirements of modern and universal operating tables.


• Maximum table length including head plate & leg plate 2050 mm
• Maximum table width (without slide rails) 550 mm
• Lowest and highest table height in the standard version 550-1080 mm
• Trendelenburg sign / backwards 30°/30°
• Lateral tilt (right/left) 25°/25°
• Head plate adjustment (up/down) 25°/45°
• Rear wall (top/bottom) 80°/40°
• Leg plate can be swiveled divided 90°
• Leg plate (top/bottom) 40°/90°
• Flex/Reflex 230°/120°
• Longitudinal slide 300 mm
• Kidney elevator, optional 120 mm
• Table weight 350 kg and gross weight 420 kg
• Maximum load capacity (0 positioning) 500 kg

Goldberg 5S, 6S and 6SX Series Operating Tables:

The designs of operating tables according to the Goldberg models 5S, 6S and 6SX are designed for various operating theater applications such as general surgery, urology, gynecology, orthopedics, eye surgery, neurosurgery, ENT, cardiology etc.
Our electro-hydraulic drive systems enable stable and reliable patient positioning. Height, lateral position, Trendelenburg and leg plate adjustment are the main functions in the GOLDBERG® S series. The adjustable table top is equipped with an electro-hydraulic control of the back section and kidney bridge. You can control these functions with a cabled or wireless remote control. The return to the starting position can be adjusted using the “0-position” function key. The electrically driven parts can be operated seamlessly via the safety battery in the event of a power failure. The duration of the service is 12 hours.
The polyurethane and base plates are radiolucent, antistatic and pressure sore free. The operating tables made of high-quality stainless steel and disinfectant-resistant high-pressure laminates can be cleaned without any problems. The extensive accessories and the 25 x 10 mm side plates make the GOLDBERG S series a versatile operating table.


• The upper part of the GOLDBERG® 6S operating table consists of 8 sections and is equipped with a polyurethane cushion set.
• The flexible and elastic properties of the protective cushion ensure an ergonomic fit and are made entirely of water-resistant polyurethane material. It is also fire resistant and antibacterial. Another important feature is that it can be easily and safely sterilized in sterilization devices.
• A glare-free and extremely durable surface was created from high-quality, elaborately processed stainless steel.
• Maximum load of 500 kg due to special CAD developed and CNC manufactured components.
• The table top can be moved by 450 mm in the head and foot directions.
• The foot part can be moved using the electro-hydraulic drives as well as manually using the hand control.
• Foot section can be one-piece or four-piece.
• The foot part can be opened laterally by 90° and overall by 180°.
• Optionally available as a wireless infrared version.
• Safety button on the hand control.
• Versatile adjustment options with simple, intuitive operation, for a safe and stable patient position at all times.
• If desired, the proven antistatic polyurethane (50 mm) can be exchanged for an extra-soft version (80 mm) for better patient comfort and protection against pressure sores.
• The basic functions can optionally also be controlled via a foot switch.
• Selected components guarantee maximum precision and reliability.

Optional Accessories

• Einteilige Beinplatte
• Silicone headrest
• Viscoelastic pillow set
• Accessory stand
• Bracelet
• Orthopedic traction system
• Shoulder arthroscopy set
• Silicone body support
• Kidney elevator
• “U” type headboard
• X-ray cassette holder
• X-ray desktop set
• Spiny head
• Accessory rail snap system


• Viskos-Kissenset
• Body restraint belt
• Armrest
• Padded leg support
• Padded siderest
• Padded shoulder rest
• Padded footrest
• Collection tray
• Strap for arm fixation
• IV hanger
• Body restraint belt
• Accessory vise
• Belt for leg fixation
• Accessory vice (rotating)

German accreditation company, ''Hygcen GmbH'' is the solution partner of Goldberg in type test and validation services worldwide.